Jiangxi home easy clean cleaning supplies Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, 2010 from Hubei Huangmei Guanshan Industrial Park, moved to the city of Jiangxi Province, the new century high-tech industrial city. Is a focus on research and development, production PVA imitation deerskin towel, PVA sponge, PVA car wash cotton, multi-purpose imitation deerskin towel, PVA face flutter, PVA box cotton, Cleansing Puff, strong absorbent cotton, kitchen fiber sponge, PVA PVA absorbent cotton towel, wash the face flutter, bath cotton, 100 clean cloth, PVA cleaning supplies, and other cleaning tools of the modernization of private enterprises.
    Companies adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, adhere to the "customer first" principle for our customers to provide quality services. Welcome patronage!
    The strength of the company, well-equipped, advanced technology, management practices, product variety, reliable quality, low prices! Our company regards the quality as the life of the enterprise. At the beginning of the company, we set up the perfect quality control system according to the international quality system management procedure. The quality control department of our company has complete quality control equipment, Detection and control system for all types of product quality and stability of the company to lay a solid foundation! Our products sell well all over the country and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States, by domestic and foreign merchants and users love.
    Cleaning supplies for the region, city, county, district Wanted cleaning supplies, cleaning appliances regional distributors, agents, the total distribution, the distributor, welcomed around the cleaning supplies dealers, sales units 来人 calls To discuss the cooperation matters!
    We always adhere to the highly competitive products, generous agency policy, improve the market control system and strong market support to the cleaning supplies throughout the distributors, cleaning supplies agents, cleaning supplies dealers with the greatest profitability drive!
    Our company can also be on the distribution of large areas of shopping malls, supermarkets and other large quantities of large business customers; bulk larger foreign businessmen; foreign trade companies and other customer customization, OEM or OEM way on behalf of the production, processing a variety of PVA clean Supplies.
    I am in the company so that every family to spend on advanced, convenient, environmental protection, water conservation, health cleaning supplies, cleaning tools as its mission; uphold the quality first, credit first, people-oriented, sustainable development of the operating principles for new at home and abroad Old customers to provide more quality products and more perfect service!