Car towel


Brand: Green Meijie Material: PVA Size: 66X43CM Place of origin: Jiangxi Gao'an Weight: 140G Carton specification: 68X39X50CM carton number: 100PCS trade attributes
Use brand model
Wiping towel type: multi-functional towel
Car towel material: PVA
Wipe car towel size: 43X66cm
The use of capillary surface phenomenon of the surface of the water quickly dry, which has a strong water absorption, washing the head of a few light rub a few, The hair can be dried under Jiucheng has swept Europe and the United States for many years, a new era of science and technology of daily necessities. You see this year, the Beijing Olympic Games diving athletes are using water after the imitation deer towel wipe it.
This product has strong tenacity, tensile strength, tear resistance; strong water absorption; excellent touch, soft and delicate, durable; environmentally friendly PVA material, drying was lumpy to prevent the invasion and reproduction of bacteria [Material] Imported PVA special technology, PVA middle layer with a layer of gauze reinforcement, enhanced toughness and particularly durable, different from the general absorbent towel, super absorbent without leaving any traces, and excellent touch, non-toxic chemicals, do not Can be completely dry to harden, so that bacteria can not breed, softened quickly after water.



 1. New product is on, please use it after cleaning in water for 10 seconds
2. Products harden, to prevent the breeding of bacteria, does not affect the use of soft water can be.
3. Can be used in conjunction with the neutral detergent can be washed with a washing machine, not dry cleaning, not bleaching.
4. Please use the water temperature of 70 degrees Celsius can be put back into the barrel after use moisturizing.


   1: Why is the leather towel received wet?
A: Yes, the towel is semi-humid state, and even some of the plastic towel on the outer plastic bags have a very obvious water vapor, this is because the towel at the factory, in order to maintain the soft state of skin towel with moisturizing packaging . Recommended before use, rinse with water about.
    2: leather towel will not fade?
A: leather towel in the early use, there will be a little fade the emergence of this, like a pair of jeans, more or less there will be faded. White is the natural color of leather towels, without staining, will not fade.
    3: the life of leather towel?
A: The towel is very durable, usually the life of ordinary towels several times, the normal use of the case, the use of more than a year and a half absolutely no problem.
    4: PVA deerskin towel wash or bath when there is why the feeling of rub does not move?
    A: This is because the PVA deerskin towel only 50 micron microfiber structure can penetrate into the internal pores of the adsorption, so when wiping, there will be a feeling of wiping, it is recommended to choose embossed, embossed or take a pat, (In fact, this is a very scientific method of washing or wiping), while the ordinary towel is only clean the skin surface, so there is no more resistance. It is normal to start using a synthetic deerskin towel because people have long wiped clean with an ordinary towel and suddenly take unconventional cleanliness, two very different senses will be unaccustomed. While using imitation deerskin wipes lead to a sense of tight skin, it is also a good proof of your pores have been thoroughly cleaned, the use of more pores in the stretch will always be in a normal state will no longer have this feeling.
    5: Why do deer skin towel thoroughly clean the face and skin?
    A: This is because the deerskin towel fiber is only 50 microns, even smaller than the pore diameter, in the wipe process, can quickly penetrate into the pores of the oil and chemical residues of the material (daily cosmetics residues) adsorption, Soft texture does not hurt the skin, so as to achieve a thorough cleaning effect, smooth pores, remove harmful substances and absorption of nutrients on the effect of much better.
    6: What is PVA? Environmental protection?
     A: PVA Description: Polyvinyl alcohol (Polyvinyl Alcohol, referred to as P.V.A.) First, in 1924 by the German scientist Dr. Hermann and Dr. Haenel together to get this new water-soluble polymer compounds. PVA has been developed continuously by numerous scientists, engineers, manufacturers and users to explore new applications. The PVA demand is increasing year by year. According to the present operation situation, PVA is expected to be the world PVA demand in 2010 and 2015 Will reach 1.4 million tons and 1.7 million tons, respectively, a variety of new uses are also constantly expanding. In this case,
In this case,
PVA is a white to yellowish, granular (or powder), stability, no tasteless, non-polluting water-soluble polymer can be dissolved in 8090 ° C water. Water is a good solvent for PVA, and water is the only effective solvent from a practical point of view. PVA has good film-forming properties. This film has excellent adhesion, solvent resistance, abrasion resistance, tensile strength and oxygen resistance, because the PVA has both hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups of the two functional groups, so PVA With the interface of the nature of the activity, so PVA can be used as polymer emulsification, suspension polymerization reaction of the body. These unique properties make the PVA widely used in all walks of life. PVA is the biggest characteristic of natural degradation, environment-friendly. PVA non-toxic, through the international FDA food certification